Wetland Species

Baumea’s are slender rush like rhizomatous perennial sedges occurring naturally along stream banks and in low-lying swampy areas. Stock includes but is not limited to:
1 Baumea acuta
2 Baumea articulate
3 Baumea juncea
4 Baumea rubignosa
5 Baumea tetragonia

Stock includes:
1 Bolboschoenous caldwellii
2 Bolboschoenous medianus

Common in moist to wet sites, usually occurring in wetlands and swamps. Perennial grass like sedges that can be used to bind unstable banks. Growing to aprroximatley 1m in height. Stock includes but is not limited to:
1 Carex appressa
2 Carex breviculmis
3 Carex fasicularis
4 Carex gaudichaudiana
5 Carex inversa
6 Carex tereticaulis

Leafless sedges growing in water or heavy soils which receive periodic flooding Stems are hollow and tufted. Eleocharis sp. Can provide a safe environment for birdlife and fish. Stock includes but is not limited to:
1 Eleocharis acuta
2 Eleocharis sphacelate
3 Eleocharis pusilla

Usually found in damp, swampy ground with leaves that are basal and either small or reduced to sheaths on the nodeless stem. Fruit are nuts. Isolepsis spp.may be rhizomatous, tufted, single stemmed, creeping or floating. Stock includes but is not limited to:
1 Isolepsis nodosa - synonym Ficinia nodosa
2 Isolepsis inundata
3 Isolepsis fluitans

Juncus can be found growing in water logged areas, water courses and wetlands with several species growing together. Leaves are always arranged in basal rosettes. Stock includes but is not limited to:
1 Juncus amabilis
2 Juncus australis
3 Juncus gregiflorous
4 Juncus pallidus
5 Juncus kruasii
6 Juncus usitatus
7 Juncus subsecundus
8 Juncus procerus

Slender annual rush-like herb. Rhizomatous, tufted triangular stems. Stock includes:
1 Scoenoplectus pungens
2 Schoenoplectus validus

Variable and robust aquatic perennial herb; the long ribbon-like leaves can flow freely with the water currents. Stock includes but is not limited to:
1 Triglochan procera

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