As well as producing stock for contracts we also stock a vast number of Australian native species for general sales. Apart from our popular Ozbreed and Foliage First ranges of plants we stock many native grass species, wetland plants, herbs, forbs, ground-covers, shrubs and trees. 

Popular species include:

Grasses and Monocotyledons
 Austrodanthonia, Dianella, Dichelachne, Diplarraena, Lomandra, Microlaena,
 Pennisetum, Poa, Stipa, Stylidium, Themeda.

Wetland Species
Baumea, Bolboschoenus, Carex, Cyperus, Eleocharis, Isolepis, Juncus, 
 Schoenus, Schoenoplectus, Triglochin.

Herbs and Forbs

 Acaena, Brachyscome, Calocephalus, Carpobrotus, Chrysocephalum, 
 Craspedia, Dichondra.

Trees and Shrubs

 Acacia, Atriplex, Allocasuarina, Banksia, Cassinia, Correa, Eucalyptus, 
 Goodenia, Hymenanthera, Indigofera, Kunzea, Leptospermum, Melaleuca,
 Myoprum, Rhagodia, Westringia.

Whilst our range of plant varieties are extensive they are not limited.  If you cannot see a plant breed listed above, please contact us to find out more about our range of plants available.