Grass Seed

Alliance Seeds & Revegetation can cater for custom mixes, depending on soil type, usage, water available etc.  Please phone and ask to speak to either Peter or Craig to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively, the following mixes are ready and available:

Economy Blend
A fast germinating, hardwearing blend that is suitable for front & back garden lawns and Nature Strips. Contains Perrenial Ryegrass, Bentgrasss, Fine Fescue.  Recommended Sowing Rate: 30grams per square metere.

SunTurf Blend
This blend produces a deep green drought tolerant surface. Requires a lot less water than most other mixes, containing Petite Tall Fescue and Dryland Ryegrass.  Recommended Sowing Rate: 45 grams per square metre.

A fine textured lawn which performs well in shady areas and full sun.
Contains FineLeaf Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, Bentgrass & Poa trivialis
Recommended Sowing Rate: 30 grams per square metre.

Tall Fescue
Produces a deep green drought tolerant turf, requiring less water. Contains Turf Type Tall Fescue.  Recommended Sowing Rate: 45 grams per square metre.

Regiment II
Regiment II is a dwarf, dark green turf type Tall Fescue with a high percentage of plants with rhizomes, which improves its’ performance in out competing weeds. This turf rapidly establishes a fine textured, dwarf growth habit with quick recovery and good disease resistance. Regiment II is well suited for home lawns, commercial turf, parks, sports fields and golf course roughs where reduced mowing and lower nitrogen use are high priorities. Exhibits early spring green-up for a longer growth season with a lovely dark green colour.

Native Image
Alliance Seeds & Revegetation has made available in Australia, two of the worlds best Festuca ovina cultivars that are the ultimate in low maintenance cool season grasses.  Spartan Hard Fescue & Azay Sheep Fescue can withstand long periods without water, are fine textured, shade tolerant bunch type grasses. Once established they display an extremely low growth rate and prefer poor soils as competition is minimised.   Native Image should be used in areas where little or no irrigation or fertilizer will be applied. Grows to a maximum height of six inches per annum and may only need mown once a year.
Sydney Couch is an advanced turf type Couch grass established from seed with medium fine leaf texture, increased sod strength and dark green colour. It provides an attractive durable turf with very good tolerance to heat stress, drought, wear and disease. Sydney Couch should be sown in full sun on well drained soils when soil temperatures are consistently above 18 degrees Celsius. In Victoria where couch grass goes dormant, Sydney may be over sown with cool season turf grass species for year round green colour.

Lawn Starter
Humaphous 444 is a natural organic based humate slow release fertilizer. The slow release shall work over the course of eight weeks. The fertilizer component assists seedling growth into mature healthy plants. Humaphous 444 acts as a soil conditioner which improves soil quality.

Lawn Food
Humaphos 555 is a high analysis humate based slow release fertilizer. It has been formulated for turf requiring an extra boost of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. This fertilizer utilises the sustained release properties of organics and mineral phosphate combined with the more soluable forms of nitrogen and phosphorous. It is composed of a high grade natural base with magnesite, mineral phosphate, potassium sulphate, ammonium phosphate, sulphur and trace elements. Therefore it provides a balanced supply of nutrients essential for strong plant growth and quality turf.

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