Sapphire's performance is as good as any other Buffalo, with the added benefit of fine texture. It grows quickly across the ground, providing quick recovery from wear, has excellent winter colour and a deep root system. Sapphire's colour is truly amazing, it's deep green colour will make your home lawn, "the envy of the street".

Winter Colour
Excellent winter colour in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne (Provided it is fertilised in April). It will go dormant in colder areas such as Canberra, but it will hold its winter colour longer than most other varieties.

Hot Weather Tolerance
Excellent. Thrives in hot humid and desert areas.

Cold Tolerance
Tested to -10 degrees celsius in Canberra.

Shade Tolerance
Moderate to good. Tests have shown it is similar to other Buffalo varieties.

Wear Resistance
Excellent, with very fast recovery. 

Salt Tolerance
Good. Similar to other Buffalos.

Mowing Height
35-45mm in full sun, and 50-60mm in the shade.

Recovery from Injury
Excellent, as it has fast growing runners.

Residential and commercial lawns, parks etc.

Root Structure
Deep rooted. 

Drought Tolerance
Excellent once established, due to its deep root system.

Fine compared to other good buffalo varieties. Soft to touch.

Benefits of Buffalo Sapphire

Out-Competes Weeds
Due to Sapphire's tight mat, and high performance, it leaves very little room for weeds to grow. It is excellent at out- competing weeds. In the unlikely event that broadleaf weeds ever become a problem spray with Bromoxynil and MCPA, as Sapphire is resistant to these chemicals. Follow directions on the spray pack.

Fast Recovery
Sapphire has rapid growth across the ground, allowing it to cope well with high traffic situations. In extra high wear areas it is recommended that you fertilise and water more than normal.

Best Looking Buffalo
Due to its fine texture, and the nice way the leaf sits, Sapphire looks superb. When Sapphire is mature, its leaf tends to fold back, giving a much finner appearence.

Sun and Shade
Like many 'Buffalos', Sapphire is the answer for those maturing landscapes that have both shady and sunny areas.

Less Thatch
Sapphire is proving to be less spungy than the other Buffalo varieties.

Great Winter Colour
It takes quite a few frosts to send Sapphire off-colour.

Drought Tough
Sapphire has a very deep root system, which means it can hang on looking great with less frequent watering. In normal soils on the east coast of Australia, Sapphire should only need watering in the warmer months and in general, once every few weeks should be enough, except in severe heat and drought conditions.

So Fine So Soft
Just touch it, feel it, and look at it. You will be impressed with 'Sapphire'.



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