The Benefits of Buffalo Palmetto

Less Mowing
Hard Wearing
Recovers Rapidly from Damage
Deep and Fast Establishing Root System
Helps Out-Compete Weeds
Drought Tolerant
Sun and Part Shade Soft Leaf
Best Winter Colour

Alliance Seeds & Revegetation sell Buffalo Palmetto in plug trays of 49 cells.
Use 5 cells per square meter as a guide for planting.

*Note that Palmetto produces sterile seed. 

Buffalo Palmetto is ideally suited for home lawns, including those with front lakes, rivers, beaches and saltwater marshes.

Palmetto thrives across Australia from Sydney to Perth, Cairns to Canberra, Melbourne to Adelaide, under a wide range of climatic and soil conditions making it the ideal choice for residential and commercial use.

Best Winter Buffalo
Due to Palmetto's impressive drought resistance, low maintenance and great winter colour, it is often used on commercial areas such as roadsides, factories, parks, etc. For the home lawn, Palmetto is an efficient water user.

Palmetto is one of the most drought resistant grasses available. By this we mean it holds its green colour longer in dry periods. Although some grasses can survive longer dry periods, generally they brown off quicker under reduced water. Palmetto stays greener for longer under drought stress.

Palmetto has an outstanding emerald green colour that is a true eye catcher. It performs well in full sun yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail. Palmetto requires 2-3 hours of direct sunlight - no grass can survive in extreme shade. It is also frost tolerant and holds winter colour longer than all other warm season turf varieties, including Kikuyu, and all other Buffalos. It will remain evergreen in most areas of Australia.

Palmetto also has a massive deep root system making it drought tolerant once established. Palmetto recovers quickly from damage by wear or minor scalping as it sends out runners to repair open areas. Palmetto is a hardy, low maintenance grass perfectly suited for home lawns and commercial uses. Its tolerance to drought and cold, resistance to disease, and adaptability to moderately shaded areas makes
Palmetto the Versatile Grass.
Buffalo Palmetto can be purchased from Alliance Seeds and Revegetation or alternatively please contact the following retail suppliers:

One Stop
All Green
Bulleen Art &


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